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Our focus is "Made in USA" Products, Manufacturers, and Retailers.  Consumers eager to participate in the "Made in America" Community while on-the-go now have a mobile solution in the palm-of-their-hand.

Our Go4 USA mobile app allows users to SEARCH for Products "Recently Added", "In the Vicinity", or by Name.

Using our Directories, Products can also be searched by Manufacturer or Retailer (Stores & Online)
.  Company "Favorites" can be saved for faster searches, and with a few taps Consumers can SHARE Products, Manufacturers, and Retailers to their Social Networks via our '1-tap' Share icons.

No purchase necessary to help save & create American jobs!

Go4 USA mobile app (v2.0.1)

About Go4 USA

Consumers can search for "Made in the USA" Products in our Go4 USA mobile database, browse Directories of Manufacturers, Retailers, and Service Providers (create & manage their "Favorites"), view Messages in their Inbox, manage Shopping Lists, or visit Settings to learn more About Us, Contact Us, or customize their user experience.

Products they like can easily be SHARED
 with their Family, Friends & 
Followers on their Social Networks by using our '1-tap' Share icon. Manufacturers, Retailers & Services can also be easily SHARED.

Go4 USA v.2.0.0+ has been re-designed to take advantage of larger devices like the iPhone 6 & 6 Plus, 6s & 6s Plus, and iPads.  But all iOS devices - including an iPod touch 5th or 6th Gen - will enjoy a new, refreshing, and streamlined interface that is easier to navigate and use.

This version has one-half the number of ways to start a search for 'Made in USA' Products, Manufacturers, and Retailers within our mobile database compared to our prior version, but does not sacrafice any features!

WELCOME: sign up as a Go4 Member to access all the features of our Go4 USA mobile app.  Use "Enter as a Guest" to quickly check out most features...it's FREE! SLIDE-OUT MENU: search PRODUCTS by those "Recently Added", "In the Vicinity", or "By Name".  Search DIRECTORIES of Manufacturers & Retailers, and find Products they make and/or sell. PRODUCTS: browse and SHARE Products you like with your Social Networks.  Tap image to see Details.  Tap listing to see WHERE it is available for sale (STORES or ONLINE)

RETAILER PRODUCT SEARCH: find what they sell (filter by Name and/or Category). SHARE where they are sold with your Social Networks. Tap image to see Details. Tap Cart icon to add to a Shopping List.
MAPS: see Retailer location on a Map for Products you want to buy, get Driving Directions right to Retailer's front door (if online, jump directly to their website for more Product info and/or to buy).
RETAILERS DIRECTORY: browse and SHARE those you like with your Social Networks.  Tap image to see Details, then jump to their website or dial their phone. MANUFACTURERS have same features.
From the Founders
"We're relying on Consumers - as well as Manufacturers and Retailers - to partner with us.  Consumers eager to help create American jobs by searching for and purchasing American-made products, now have what they need in the palm of their hand...a mobile app tied to a live online database." - Mike Sessions, Co-Founder (San Diego, CA)

"A win, win, win solution!  Consumers benefit by being able to pinpoint where to buy American-made goods.  Retailers benefit by being able to list the American-made products they carry. Manufacturers benefit by having a simple method to promote their American-made products and, more importantly, giving the consumer a way to FIND them." - Gregg Harris, Co-Founder (Denver, CO)

For General Inquiries, please Contact Us via Info@Go4MadeInAmerica.com

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